Introducing Diamond Rings

July 14th, 2009

This is my friend John playing last month at the Rivoli as part of NXNE. He goes by Diamond Rings, which I think is just an awesome handle, don’t you? Anyway, I came across this video on YouTube. It was actually shot by the Rivoli, and if you’re watching it expecting the camera angle to change or for someone to at least zoom in, you’ll be disappointed. However, what it lacks in exciting visuals, it makes up for in fantastic sound! I’m posting this to get people excited for a few things: First off, Diamond Rings has a split 7″ coming out in a few weeks with another favourite of mine, PS I Love You from Kingston. Secondly, we just made a music video for his contribution, called “All Yr Songs.” That’ll be dropping alongside the record in mid-August, if not sooner! Shazam!

You can see more videos from the same show¬†here. And there’s a very in-depth feature on Diamond Rings over at Steel Bananas, so check that out too!

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