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Canadian Music Fest 2010, Toronto

Hello, I’m going to try some early morning blogging here. I’m in a bit of a rush, my ride for Austin leaves in half an hour, yet I’m still sitting here scarfing my face with peanut buttered toast and 2% milk. Yes, that’s right, if all goes well on the way down, I shall be at SXSW again this year. I had a blast last year covering the festival for the National Post, but this time ’round I’m doing it on my lonesome. No fancy media pass (no pass at all yet, though we’ll see if my fortunes change), but unlike like year, I actually feel like I know what the hell is going on as far as cool bands to see (working in a record store has helped tremendously).

So yes, I must be on my way, but I’ll leave you with some fun videos from this past weekend. Didn’t have time to edit them or anything, just dumped the footage on YouTube. First up, it’s PS I Love You featuring Diamond Rings performing “Facelove” at the Silver Dollar on Friday.

And here’s The Magic playing their hit song “Downtown Line” in some weird sort of tomb off of Ossington, at 4 AM, technically Saturday morning.

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ThriftStock at The Family Thrift Store, Guelph

This video is about the Family Thrift Store in Guelph. I never lived in Guelph, but it’s a town I often visit because it’s where a lot of my friends live, and it’s where my older brother went to University. I remember on one of my first visits a few years back being told I have to visit the Family Thrift Store. I went and thought it was a pretty neat store – heck, I bought a sweet jacket on my first trip! Since then, I made sure to stop by the Thrift Store whenever I visited, so I was pretty bummed out to hear earlier this month that the store would be closing. I heard they were throwing some concerts, so last Friday I made my way to the Royal City to catch one of them. This is my document of that night. I hope you get a sense of how important the Family Thrift Store was to a lot of people.

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