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Daniel, Fred & Julie, and Baby Eagle at The Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto

Last Thursday I went and saw Daniel, Fred & Julie play at the Horseshoe, the perfect venue to hear them play their gentle folk songs. Last fall when I first caught wind of this project, I immediately knew I’d love the record. It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the music these three people make, so to have them team up for a record had me pulling out my wallet faster than you can say “Sackville.” Truthfully, it made sense for them to join forces: Julie played in Fred’s old band “Shotgun & Jaybird,” and when that band broke up, ex-member Shotgun Jimmie recruited Daniel’s band Attack in Black to be his backing band. Attack in Black’s album Years featured guest vocals from Julie Doiron, who in turn covered two of Fred’s songs on her last album.

Are you with me still? If so, please enjoy their song “Runner” from their self-titled debut record, out now on You’ve Changed Records.

Opening the show was Baby Eagle. What’s there to say about little ol’ Baby Eagle, other than it’s the project of the Constantines’ Steve Lambke, and that he’s great? I guess the first peep I ever heard from him was the last track on the third Cons album (Tournament of Hearts), a ditty called “Windy Road.” It had Steve singing, but instead of the usual scrappy punk song we got a pleasant acoustic number. It was an album highlight for me, so I was happy when he started playing solo shows later that year. Two quick albums in 2006 and 2007 followed by a split with Attack in Black late last year brings us to today. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from him soon – his setlist was all new songs, and it looks like he’s going electric.

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Attack in Black, Shotgun Jimmie, and Hunters & Anglers at The Horseshoe, Toronto

When I was chatting with Kehoe before the show I said that the first time I saw Attack in Black backing up Jimmie was at an in-store at Criminal Records about a year ago. I didn’t realize it until he told me, but that was their first show together! Since then they’ve become quite the tight little rock unit, surely due to their non-stop touring schedule. They’ve  also started a label together and each released fantastic new records, so it was good to have them back in Toronto. The first video here is a song called Province to Province, which is an older tune they re-recorded for Still Jimmie, and performed here flawlessly. The second video is actually of two songs, Leaving Your Death in a Flowerbed and I’m a Rock, both off of AIB’s new album Years (by one thousand fingertips). I’ve also got a video of the opening band Hunters & Anglers, as well as more Attack in Black and Shotgun Jimmie videos up on my YouTube page.

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Rick White and Julie Doiron at The Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto

Here’s a video of an impromptu performance of Nei Young’s song “Look Out for My Love” done by Rick White and Julie Doiron at the Horsehoe Tavern back in March. There are some missing lyrics in the chorus sure, but it’s still a damn fine cover. Julie’s voice is really beautiful here…

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